Welcome to our organisation. We were established to raise awareness for Chiari Malformation in Europe, as well as its comorbilities such as; Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS), Cranial Cervical Instability (CCI), Atlanto Axial Instability (AAI), Tethered cord, scoliosis and much more. We are working hard  to establish a support network, raising awareness, research etc as well as bringing attention to our dire situation in Europe, in particular for those who have Chiari alongside various co morbilties that makes surgery currently only availible in europe with Dr Gilete & Dr Oliver in spain, due to lack of expertise when dealing with Chiari alongside these co morbilities. Many are struggling to receive the correct care necessary and find them self having to travel at a huge personal expense to Spain or the USA for the necessary surgeries!

Remember surgery is a treatment Not a Cure … The Cure is still being worked on by many around the world!!!!!

Stand Together – Stand United & we will make a difference….

POWER IN NUMBERS !!!!! Please join us and help spread the word.

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